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What Customers are Saying

I always liked to get this calendar every year. I keep all my appointments posted. I have to be able to glance up and check my calendar when making more appointments. This calendar is large. It has large spaces to write plans in. It's very practical.

Wonderful for my father to see across the room! Enough room to write doctor's appointments large enough so he can read and the spiral is great to make it stay flat on the wall.

I Love this wall sized jumbo calendar, as I like to see the whole month at a time....although, I still keep all my appointments in my phone....I still need the BIG picture!

Nice and large dark numbers. I can read it way across the room in my large kitchen. Plenty of room to write my appointments!

I wanted a calendar that I could clearly see from across the room and one with space on each date for me to write engagements. This is perfect. It is large and without charming pictures but wildly functional. 

My mother has severe short term memory issues. I got her this for keeping track of her life more so than for a visual impairment. She absolutely loves it and it really keeps her on track to remember what she is doing from day to day.

I purchased this calendar for my elderly father-in-law. We had been using a desk blotter type calendar on his wall for years, but when I saw this calendar I liked the bold dates, the box sizes, and the NOTES area on each month. 

This large print calendar suits our household perfectly. Plenty of space to jot down appointments and we can see the dates without having to squint from across the room.

VA and Veterans

Calendar for VIST meetings

Office of Aging

Calendar for everybody

Agencies for the Blind

Keep staff and consumers connected

Low Vision Support

Great for Low Vision Support Groups


Calendar for the congregation


Calendar for your Patients

Reach All Customers

The Jumbo Large Print Calendar for companies allows businesses an inexpensive way to stay in front of there customers year round.

Congregation Calendar

The Jumbo Large Print Calendar for churches provides an inexpensive way for churches to stay in front of there congregation every day.

Reach all your residents

The Jumbo Large Print Calendar for
retirement communities provides an
inexpensive way to communicate to
your residents.

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